Interior Installations

Installation of HVAC equipment (heating, ventilating and air-conditioning). Installation of hot water distribution and exchange systems, boiler houses. Installation of plumbing, sprinkler and fire protection systems, hydrants and roof drainage. Installation of gas and compressed air systems.

Exterior Installations

Construction of sanitary sewage and drainage systems. Installation of water, gas and heating pipes. Maintenance, upgrade and repair of installations with the use of none-invasive methods. Tunneling and drilling under existing roads, rail embankments and other landscape obstacles

Road Construction

Construction and redevelopment of roads, parking lots, pavements, pedestrian and bicycle paths; Ground Works: excavation, landfill, levelling and grading, land shaping and stabilization.

TKS Sp. z o.o. Contractor company, offers design services and complete HVAC, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) installations along with BMS automatic controls. We also offer Civil Engineering design and full construction service.

  • We provide conservation and maintenance of fixtures and installations.
  • Clean ventilation ducts.
  • Scope of our services includes conceptual design, setting of construction site, professional project management in accordance with local standards and Polish building, as well as health and safety regulations.
  • Our experienced, professional management and field personnel, always keeps up with the latest technology trends and updates its qualifications in order to ensure best service and work coordination.

Knowledge of the latest technologies and products allows for us to design and carry installations that will meet all of our customer’s needs and expectations.