Find out more about the wide range of services we provide

Internal installations

As part of internal installations we carry out, among others:

  • HVAC installations (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)
  • mechanical installations (heat, cooling, compressed air, steam and condensate circuits)
  • heat sources (boiler houses, heat exchangers, solar installations, heat pumps)
  • cooling sources (compressor/absorption chillers, wet cooling towers, dry fan coolers)
  • medical and technical gas installations
  • water and sewage systems and roof drainage
  • fire sprinkler and hydrant systems

Electrics and automation

We implement both strong and weak current installations. Our portfolio includes such installations as: BMS, CCTV and facility automation.

External networks

Construction of external networks includes, among others, water and sewage systems, heating and gas systems, as well as sanitary mains, rainwater harvesting systems and repairs of existing mains using non-invasive methods.
We carry out horizontal directional drilling and ramming under roads, embankments and other terrain obstacles.



Projects involving road works include the construction and reconstruction of roads, car parks, parking areas and shared zones, as well as carrying out of earthworks, soil reinforcement and land shaping.

Design services

We run our own planning and design office and provide design services covering all internal installations, external networks, roadworks, automatic control systems and projects of energy-efficient buildings.


We offer service and inspections, as well as maintenance services of installations and equipment in facilities realized by our company many others.